Chapbook Fee Reduction Celebration

((((the fee is back to $14.  thanks to everyone who celebrated / saved some money / loved us up.))))

BATEAU HAS A HOME!!!!  After living out of boxes for the last 5 years, we have a place to put stuff, with shelves, and it might even be heated.  We’re calling it our Bateauome (Bateau + Home = Bateauome).  To celebrate, for one week only:  October 1st – October 8th @ 6 pm EST, entries to the BOOM Chapbook contest will be $9.  That is an incredible savings of massive proportions somewhere between 35-40% probably.  All entries will be considered for the contest and all will receive a copy of the winning chap (or any chap in our catalogue).  BATEAUOME, SWEET BATEAUOME!    Thanks for hanging with us.  Click here to go to our contest page.


BOOM Poetry Chapbook Competition Opens

August 15th, 2018


Submissions to Bateau Press’ 2018 BOOM Poetry Chapbook Contest will be accepted August 15 through November 1, 2018….THAT MEANS NOW!!!!!


To submit your manuscript please go to the Submission Guidelines link above or just click HERE.


For a peek at what our chapbooks look like, check them out HERE.


All of our chapbooks are things of beauty.  They are all hand stitched, letterpressed works of art.  The covers are designed and printed by Lisa Harvey of Antler Editions.  The interiors are offset printed using soy inks and recycled paper.  The books are then all hand sewn by our editors.  We print 300 chapbooks and distribute ourselves through websites, friends, and like minded small bookstores.


We will debut the winning chapbook at AWP 2019 in Portland, OR. (aka: the other Portland)