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Daniel Mahoney is a writer and translator whose work has appeared in The Massachusetts Review, Slope, Paper Darts, Hobart, elimae, and many other places. He is the author of Sunblind Almost Motorcrash, a book and cassette project out from Spork Press in 2015. He teaches writing, literature and american studies viewed through the subcultures of hip hop & punk rock at College of the Atlantic.


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the editing process

Founding Editors and Founding Contributing Editors


Ashley Schaffer

Ashley Schaffer co-founded Bateau Press and is very pleased it has landed a new home at COA.

She freelances and scouts new creative ventures from the woods of Northampton, MA.

Lynette Baker

Lynette Baker lives in Greenfield, Mass., sharing the mutt and children mentioned by husband Andrew. 

She never won The Discovery/Nation Award, but her AP English students have thrown her some mean parties.


James Grinwis

James Grinwis graduated from Hamilton College with a degree in World Politics and from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with an MFA and teaching certification. 

He spent only two years teaching high school English before moving into the corporate world where he spent time between projects scratching out poems on post-it notes. His writings have appeared in many literary magazines such as Conduit, Conjunctions, and American Poetry Review.

His first book, The City from Nome, was published in 2011 by the National Poetry Review Press. His second book, Exhibit of Forking Paths, won the National Poetry Series selected by Eleni Sikelianos and was published in late 2011 by Coffee House Press.

More Founding Contributing Editors


Kristin Bock

Kristin Bock teaches at the University of Massachusetts and restores religious art with her husband in the village of Montague. 

Her book, Cloisters, was published by Tupelo Press in the fall of 2008. She serves as ship’s beauty counselor.


Carrie St. George Comer

Carrie St. George Comer’s first collection of poetry, The Unrequited, was published by Sarabande Books.

Her recent work has appeared in POOL, The Florida Review, and Gulf Coast

She lives in Miami Beach, Florida with her daughter Evelyn, her son Joseph, and her husband Ben.


Corwin Ericson

Corwin Ericson lives in western Massachusetts where he works as a professor, writer, and editor. 

His poems, essays, and stories have been published in a variety of magazines and journals. 

His collection of police reports, Checked Out OK, which appeared in jubilat and Harper’s, will be published as a chapbook by Factory Hollow Press soon. 

His novel, SWELL, was published by Dark Coast Press in September 2011.

Still More Founding Contributing Editors


Elizabeth Hughey

Elizabeth Hughey is the author of Sunday Houses the Sunday House (University of Iowa Press, 2007) and Guest Host (National Poetry Review Press, 2014)

She teaches creative writing and literature at the Spencer Honors House at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She is also a founder of the Desert Island Supply Company.

New poems can be found in Free Verse, American Poetry Review, The Nervous Breakdown and the White Whale Review.


David Roderick

David Roderick’s first book, Blue Colonial, won the APR/Honickman Prize and was published in 2006.

His second, The Americans, came out in 2014 from the University of Pittsburgh Press. He is associate professor of English in the MFA program at UNC Greensboro.

Recent poems have appeared in Memorious, Poetry, and Slate

Turn-ons include the Red Sox, ping-pong, the farmers’ market, and Old English alliterative verse.


Andrew Varnon

Once upon a time, Andrew Varnon was a The Nation/Discovery Award winner, with poems published in American Poetry Review and elsewhere. 

Now he’s a dad living with his wife Lynette, 2 children, and terriermutt in Greenfield, Mass