Chapbook Fee Reduction Celebration

((((the fee is back to $14.  thanks to everyone who celebrated / saved some money / loved us up.))))

BATEAU HAS A HOME!!!!  After living out of boxes for the last 5 years, we have a place to put stuff, with shelves, and it might even be heated.  We’re calling it our Bateauome (Bateau + Home = Bateauome).  To celebrate, for one week only:  October 1st – October 8th @ 6 pm EST, entries to the BOOM Chapbook contest will be $9.  That is an incredible savings of massive proportions somewhere between 35-40% probably.  All entries will be considered for the contest and all will receive a copy of the winning chap (or any chap in our catalogue).  BATEAUOME, SWEET BATEAUOME!    Thanks for hanging with us.  Click here to go to our contest page.


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