We Canceled Everything.

We canceled our flights, our place to stay, our searching for the perfect taco in San Antonio. Bateau runs on student energy and the students were up for the trip but we live in a small tight community. We were looking out for ourselves as well as for everyone who we care about over here. SO. We are having a huge sale on all the stuff we would be selling at AWP: all chapbooks $7 and free shipping in the USA and all territories. all lit mags $6 and free shipping in the USA and all territories.** Just hit the correct button here and choose the title of chapbook or issue of Lit Mag and you’re good to go!

**International orders…add $2 for shipping ((shout out to Better Off Dead paperboy))

find other presses offering discounts by using:  #AWPvirtualbookfiar,  #virtualbookfair  on your twitter.

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