Finalists For The 2020/2021 BOOM Chapbook Competition

Sault Ste. Marie by Jeff Ewing

FM by Matthew Lippman

Jonah by Elizabeth Robinson

Weltshmerz by Kevin Tosca

The Old Fashioned Way by Dinah Cox

Speaks the Dark Lobe by L. I. Henley

Drakkar Noir by Michael Chang

How to be the worst laziest fattest most incontinent piece-of-shit in the world EVER by Ashley Yang Thompson

Still Life with Skull, Cluster of Grapes, Nintendo 64 Controller by Jim Redmond

Major League Gaming by Devin Taylor

Indigent by Elizabeth Robinson

The Pocket Oracle by Sharon Dolin

In the Whale by Halo Lahnert


Bateau wishes to give a shout out to everyone who entered this year’s contest. Your writing is fierce, amazing, and really fucking needed.  Thank you for sharing it with us.

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