Finalists for BOOM Chapbook Contest 2021/2022

holy smokes peoples. we got us a good group this year. thanks to everyone who submitted, asked a question, allowed us to read their work, said hello, or cursed at us from a passing car. we read a whole bunch of amazing / sexy / strong / odd manuscripts but sadly we we can only publish one. but we can’t do what we do without all of you.  thanks to all of the authors that trusted us with their work.


Here are the finalists for the 2021/2022 contest:

Lupine by Jenny Irish

Breathe by Amina Gautier

“Never Trust Your Instincts” by Tara Roeder

Starfish Dismantling an Oyster by Stuart Greenhouse

American Poetry Review by Matthew Lippman

Notes from the Birth Year by Mia Ayumi Malhotra

18 Poems by Kate Greene

Grandma June by Mara Beneway

Dreamsoak by Will Russo

Mutually Assured Construction by James D’Agostino


Big thanks to our super talented and hard working COA student editors. They were first, second, and third readers for the contest. Bateau is nothing without the following people: Bella DeHart, Sarah Stovicek, Linnae D’Auria, Lydia Solomon, Crystal Guzman Emmy Fenwick Alexa Parkinson, Cass Martoccia, Sarah Cyr, Sophia Saccente, Managing Editor Gaby Gordon-Fox, Managing Editor Anna Parsons, Danylo Shuvalov, and Sadie Cooley.  Thank you all!

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