Grief Is the Only Thing that Flies

by Laura Wetherington
2017 Keel Contest Winner

“As Juliana Spahr suggests eco-poets ought do, Wetherington includes a bulldozer when she mentions a bird: there is mourning paired with wit, compassion with rage. This book of epistles and mistranslations, built utterly of the moment–and created out of hope, intimacy, inclusivity, and radical plans for loving and bettering the world—is exactly the remedy needed when things feel (as they often do right now) dire. “I am so lonesome I could split,” Wetherington writes, but at its enormous heart, Grief Is the Only Thing That Flies is a book of companionships real and imagined, bruised and bountiful, complicit and queer and complex. It will keep you good company.”
Arielle Greenberg

Order Grief Is the Only Thing that Flies right here.  Expected publication date:  March 26, 2018.

Laura Wetherington’s first book, A Map Predetermined and Chance (Fence Books), was selected by C.S. Giscombe for the National Poetry Series. She’s a feature writer for the University of Arizona Poetry Center, a reviewer at Full  Stop, and the poetry editor at Baobab Press. Laura co-edits with Hannah Ensor and teaches in Sierra Nevada College’s low-residency MFA program.