By Ryan Flaherty

2008 Boom Winner
If a deteriorating star spoke its story, Novas might be its swan song. A swift saga of falling apart, a table follows you with place settings of snow. An unsettling welt appears and reappears. Strange things happen in Buenos Aires and Buffalo. A giant cardboard osprey comes to help you. And a pin finds a home on a satellite. Story and truth battle for space in this charged, fissured sequence.

About the Author: Ryan Flaherty

Ryan Flaherty is the recipient of the 2010 PEN/New England Discovery Award for Poetry for his first full-length book of poems, What’s This, Bombardier? which was published by Pleides Press in 2011. Another chapbook Live, from the Delay was published in 2010 by Small Fires Press. He lives and teaches in New Hampshire.