the frogs are incredibly loud here

By Sean Lovelace

Flash Fiction
2013 Keel Winner
Like Velveeta cheese or the time you found a purple condom in the garbage disposal (explain that one away), this book will confound as it reveals, fill the body as it refills the mind, bring you bliss and also body fat. Sex and astronauts and Julia Child and explosives and lost fathers and YoYo’s. What else do you want? Enjoy.


About the Author: Sean Lovelace

Sean Lovelace lives in Indiana, where he runs far and plays disc golf and teaches creative writing at Ball State University. He recently dropped a book of hybrid prose, Fog Gorgeous Stag (Publishing Genius Press), and a reprint of his award-winning flash fiction collection, How Some People Like Their Eggs (Rose Metal Press), on the world. He has won many literary awards and published all over, in print and online. He blogs at He likes to eat nachos, daily.