holy smokes peoples. we got us a good group this year. thanks to everyone who submitted, asked a question, allowed us to read their work, said hello, or cursed at us from a passing car. we read a whole bunch of amazing / sexy / strong / odd manuscripts but sadly we we can only publish one. but we can’t do what we do without all of you.  thanks to all of the authors that trusted us with their work.


Here are the finalists for the 2021/2022 contest:

Lupine by Jenny Irish

Breathe by Amina Gautier

“Never Trust Your Instincts” by Tara Roeder

Starfish Dismantling an Oyster by Stuart Greenhouse

American Poetry Review by Matthew Lippman

Notes from the Birth Year by Mia Ayumi Malhotra

18 Poems by Kate Greene

Grandma June by Mara Beneway

Dreamsoak by Will Russo

Mutually Assured Construction by James D’Agostino


Big thanks to our super talented and hard working COA student editors. They were first, second, and third readers for the contest. Bateau is nothing without the following people: Bella DeHart, Sarah Stovicek, Linnae D’Auria, Lydia Solomon, Crystal Guzman Emmy Fenwick Alexa Parkinson, Cass Martoccia, Sarah Cyr, Sophia Saccente, Managing Editor Gaby Gordon-Fox, Managing Editor Anna Parsons, Danylo Shuvalov, and Sadie Cooley.  Thank you all!

Stephen Scott Whitaker’s review of Drakkar Noir is up at The Rumpus.  Nothing but love for Stephen and The Rumpus crew.

Lantern Review Blog names Drakkar Noir as one of its must-read poetry titles for summer 2021.

Featurette on Drakkar Noir at Burrow Press.

Drakkar Noir review up on WUSSY. Big love to Nicholas Goodly for the sharp reading of Michael’s amazing chapbook.

Drakkar Noir review up on Barrelhouse.  Shout out to Julian Day & the Barrelhouse crew!

Drakkar Noir review up on Serotonin.  Shout out to Sean Lynch for his insightful reading of Michael’s work.

Drakkar Noir review up on The Broadkill Review.  Shout out to Chester Wilson III, our new favorite person!


Order Drakkar Noir now!  Drakkar Noir is officially out today: May 1, 2021!

Bateau Press is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of MICHAEL CHANG’S chapbook Drakkar NoirDrakkar Noir won the Bateau Press 2020/2021 BOOM Chapbook contest. These poems are funny, acerbic, sexy, insane, wide open, and, ultimately, welcoming. Drakkar Noir is a wild ride. We love it. We know you will too.

More love for Drakkar Noir:

Reading Michael Chang’s Drakkar Noir is a metaphor for walking through a healthy spray of the eponymous cologne: top notes of radical diction, middle notes of fearlessness, and a dry down of sex. This collection, “messy yet delightful,” the tone a splash of benevolence and derision, does not suffer fools—or the system—yet somehow, a knowing vulnerability shines through: “I understand how tenuous existence can be.” These poems raucously challenge everything hallowed about poetry and find a way to make something fresh and true out of our cruel detritus.  —RANDALL MANN

Electric and delicious . . . through formal experimentation and erotic intellect, through the knowing and delicious performance of disaffection, through social critiques embedded in humor, wit entwined with sincerity and longing, and with an inexplicit loneliness inherent to the gift-curse of seeing through things, people and systems, Drakkar Noir enacts Lyn Hejinian’s assertion that “language is nothing but meanings, and meanings are nothing but a flow of contexts.” The confluence of those contexts, for Michael Chang, to some extent involves the cosmic and comic absurdity of 21st century America and its pop culture. This is a book of tensions. The dissonance between candor and smirk. The dissonance between desire and grotesque capitalism—grotesque Americanness—which denigrates and cheapens subjectivity. In the face of that, Chang’s poems celebrate taste, and the critique of others’ tastes, as a form of agency and refusal. These poems bite with pleasure, but also press on language and tone and form, in the process asserting singular irreverence and defiance, an appetite for being amused by existence.  “My voice a melody,” Chang writes. That melody is the melody of an unapologetically discrete mind, one that rejects expectation in a time of so much predictable posturing. Michael Chang is a poet of radical selfhood.  —BRIAN TIERNEY

Quick-footed, exceptionally sharp, and overspilling with hilarious (and deeply true!) nonstop jabs, Michael Chang’s Drakkar Noir attempts to outpace the racist and capitalist machine at every corner. If there is any question about how the rapidly developing forms of digital communication and cultural capital have transformed the way we talk about identity and politics, Chang has a concise Tweet written just for you—only it’s part of a zuihitsu, an elliptical poem, a multi-referential poem that leaves you dizzy and gobsmacked, a poem that leans into the hyperbolic and affective excess of our times. Make no mistake—the surface flippancy of Chang’s tone is merely an attempt to get you to pay closer attention. There is no passive commerce here. In expressing the stakes of this writing, they share, “Did I say ‘poem’? I meant life.”  —MURIEL LEUNG

“We contain multitudes, you know, lemon drops & melon balls, sweet & sadistic, turkey & ham,” writes Michael Chang in their adventurous and audacious Drakkar Noir. These poems are voracious in scope, horned up with pop culture, dizzy with desire and juxtaposition (“u taste like jerky & tears”). Rarely do I see a poet whose voice is so singularly their own, so inventive and mesmerizing, present in the contemporary moment while nodding to the future. Chang’s poems make the page a space of reckoning, a space for boldness and invention, a canvas not painted, but slashed and smashed against a wall. “A lot of ppl write pretty words but don’t say shit,” the poet mocks. These poems offer “no neat ending, no bow to tie it all together”; they say whatever the fuck they want. They “blow shit up.”  —AARON SMITH

MICHAEL CHANG is a must-read voice whose poetry embodies jewel-toned pleasure, treasure, and oh please, keep teasing the reader with more back and forth, then hitting hard with the plain and honest Truth with a capital T. In their debut chapbook, brilliantly titled, Drakkar Noir, Chang gives us romp and runway fused with popular culture that leads into allegories of what it’s like to be queer and Asian American in America—in the world today—around people who want to slow you down. Drakkar Noir is a love letter to all queer Asian Americans that calls out performative allyship, or as Chang’s speaker states, “have you ever fucked the system?” I want to wife this collection.  —DOROTHY CHAN


Bateau Press expects to be done sewing these amazing chapbooks on May 1, 2021. We use college student labor for all of our sewing and emotional needs. Students are paid for this work in love, coffee, bagels, and more love.  Orders will ship out May 3, 2021.


Bathe yourself in Drakkar Noir now.  The book, a hand sewn letterpressed work of wonder, costs $14 plus shipping. 

A Lambda Literary fellow, MICHAEL CHANG (they/them) was awarded the Kundiman Scholarship at the Miami Writers Institute. A finalist in contests at the Iowa Review, BOMB, NightBlock, & many others, their poems have been nominated for Best of the Net & the Pushcart Prize.




by Miss Expanding Universe


It Is Coming!!!  Look for HTBTWLFIP-O-SITWE! EFSC in early October, 2021


With How To Be The Worst Laziest Fattest Incontinent Piece-of-Shit In The World Ever! Encouragement For Struggling Creatives, Bateau Press & Miss Expanding Universe are officially entering the self-help book industry.<<<Because that’s where the money is, yo>>>>This beautiful 8 x 10 comic book is meant to get your juices flowing, your mojo rising, and your genitals exploding.

Critics say: “…this book has that Certain Something that makes you want to lick it.”

Critics say: “…after reading this chapbook, you will experience total identification with the worm.”

Critics say: “…shamewanking…”

WE say: “Are you willing to spend $14.00 to change your life for good?”


Preorder How To Be The Worst Laziest Fattest Incontinent Piece-of-Shit In The World Ever! Now!

Ashley Yang-Thompson aka Miss Expanding Universe produces a weekly zine, WORM HOUSE: the only source of real news in the world / bringing Las Vegas to the Berkshires, to Oregon, and beyond. 







Bateau wishes to give a shout out to everyone who entered this year’s contest. Your writing is fierce, amazing, and really fucking needed.  Thank you for sharing it with us. Here are this year’s finalists:

Sault Ste. Marie by Jeff Ewing

FM by Matthew Lippman

Jonah by Elizabeth Robinson

Weltshmerz by Kevin Tosca

The Old Fashioned Way by Dinah Cox

Speaks the Dark Lobe by L. I. Henley

Drakkar Noir by Michael Chang

How to be the worst laziest fattest most incontinent piece-of-shit in the world EVER by Ashley Yang Thompson

Still Life with Skull, Cluster of Grapes, Nintendo 64 Controller by Jim Redmond

Major League Gaming by Devin Taylor

Indigent by Elizabeth Robinson

The Pocket Oracle by Sharon Dolin

In the Whale by Halo Lahnert



WINNER of the Bateau 2019/2020 BOOM Chapbook Contest

Derek Berry’s Buggery

 BUGGERY investigates queer desire, loneliness, & joy in the rural south. Buggery is a coming out, a celebration, and a reckoning, with poems about the messiness of pleasure, mothman, St. Sebastian, queer ANGER, cruising, sloppy want, sadness, and the sugar crash of heartbreak. Inventive & exuberant, Derek’s work strikes a tightrope balance between exploring desire & death, a political & fierce & filthy shudder of poems.

 Praise for Derek Berry’s Buggery:

Derek Berry’s Buggery haunts— and is haunted by— the rural south. These are poems graceful and violent, aching and unbowed… hard to peg as light shifting through cypress groves.”  —Adam Houle, author of Stray

 “The evolution of Derek Berry’s poetry has been a revelation in recent years. The poet writes here about sexuality and queerness with a fresh, unmitigated voice, proven to be one of Carolina’s best and most enduring. All of us become more enlightened as Derek follows this fearless poetic path”                — Len Lawson, author of Chime



Derek Berry is a writer, teaching artist, and literary organizer. They are the author of the novel Heathens & Liars of Lickskillet County, as well as two previous poetry chapbooks Skinny Dipping with Strangers and Glitter Husk. Derek is the co-founder of the literary non-profit The Unspoken, which provides accessible and innovative literary programming throughout Charleston County. They also work with Contribute Your Verse, a creative consulting agency, and host the Contribute Your Verse podcast. They live in Aiken, South Carolina, where they work during the day in a historic curation facility. They eat too much pasta & like to catch ghost Pokémon.

((Buggery will be published on March 5th, 2020.  All preorders will ship out after that date))


Finalists 2019/2020 Boom Chapbook Competition

Depressed on Sundays by Howie Good

Alien Epistles by Amie Whittemore

Pretty Things by Jane Lewty

The Young-Girl by Rachael Arrighi

The Day I Quit Western Art Music: First-Hand Accounts of the Performance & Pedagogy of Mozart’s Violin Concerto #5 by Clare Harmon

Child-not-yet by Megan Merchant

Buggery by Derek J Berry

John Brown Is In the Trees by Andy Powell

Gourd Full of Bees by Eileen Rush

Autobiodegraded by James D’Agostino

The Errant Knight by Katie Quinnelly


Kola Superdeep Borehole by Joe Fletcher has won the 2018 BOOM Chapbook contest.

We had a whole bunch of amazing manuscripts to read this time round and Joe’s was the one that kept rising to the top.  Look for the handsewn, letterpress chapbooks at AWP 2019 and beyond.  Congratulations, Joe!  And thank you to everyone for supporting Bateau this year & over the last 15 years!
to order a copy of the chapbook, go HERE
for more on Joe, go HERE.
for more on boreholes, go HERE.


holy smokes peoples. we got us a good group this year. thanks to everyone who submitted, asked a question, allowed us to read their work, said hello, or cursed at us from a passing car.  there were some amazing manuscripts this year. and although we can only publish one, we can’t do what we do without all of you.


Nadia Wolnisty JUICE
Christine Taylor THE QUEEN CITY
Rae Gouirand JINX
Sarah Bates TENDER
Salvatore Difalco STORIETTES
Francesco Grisanzio DARLING EGG

Bateau and Warren Oates are proud of you.  thanks, everyone, for hanging out with us.  ox


((((the fee is back to $14.  thanks to everyone who celebrated / saved some money / loved us up.))))
BATEAU HAS A HOME!!!!  After living out of boxes for the last 5 years, we have a place to put stuff, with shelves, and it might even be heated.  We’re calling it our Bateauome (Bateau + Home = Bateauome).  To celebrate, for one week only:  October 1st – October 8th @ 6 pm EST, entries to the BOOM Chapbook contest will be $9.  That is an incredible savings of massive proportions somewhere between 35-40% probably.  All entries will be considered for the contest and all will receive a copy of the winning chap (or any chap in our catalogue).  BATEAUOME, SWEET BATEAUOME!    Thanks for hanging with us.  Click here to go to our contest page.

Bateau 2017 KEEL Chapbook Winner is here!

((Order Grief Is the Only Thing that Flies by clicking HERE))

Bateau is happy to announce the winner of the 2017 KEEL Chapbook Contest:  Grief is the Only Thing that Flies by Laura Wetherington.
Final judge, Arielle Greenberg, loved all the manuscripts but she felt Grief “was the one that felt most urgent, most engaged in the current political moment, most in conversation with a larger community… I really loved it a lot.
Grief is the Only Thing that Flies will be published by Bateau Press in March of 2018.

Laura Wetherington’s first book, A Map Predetermined and Chance (Fence Books), was selected by C.S. Giscombe for the National Poetry Series. She’s a feature writer for the University of Arizona Poetry Center, a reviewer at Full Stop, and the poetry editor at Baobab Press. Laura co-edits textsound.org with Hannah Ensor and teaches in Sierra Nevada College’s low-residency MFA program.


Thank you to everyone who submitted manuscripts.  We had over two hundred entries, a whole lot of good writing, and a crazy debate over who the finalists would be.  Thank you all for hanging out with us!
Here are the 2017 KEEL Chapbook Finalists:
Grief is the Only Thing that Flies   Laura Wetherington
Panic Dance   Tara Roeder
Coma of the Comet   Caroline Cabrera
 Sparrow Pie   Katie Quinnelly
The Parachutist   Joe Fletcher
Dreambreath   Kate Haake
Premium Brawn   Spencer Silverthorne
No Good for Digging   Dustin Hoffman
Paris By Night   Kevin Tosca

Bateau is overjoyed to get this monster off of our InDesign and into the world.  Really strong writing and visuals make it our favorite issue yet.  Dig In.


December 11, 2016

Bateau 2016 Boom Chapbook Winner is here!

photo credit: Maceo Senna

Not so dear Jenny by Jennifer Tseng

All of the manuscripts that came our way were read by at least three editors and Mahoney. The finalists were chosen by the entire editorial staff. Out of the thirteen finalists, we all agreed Jennifer’s manuscript was the one for us this year. It is strong, smart, and wise: the holy trinity of great poetry! Not so dear Jenny will be unveiled at AWP 2017.
More about Jennifer:
Jennifer Tseng is the author of two award-winning poetry books The Man With My Face and Red Flower, White Flower which features Chinese translations by Mengying Han and Aaron Crippen. Her debut novel, Mayumi and the Sea of Happiness was a finalist for the New England Book Award and the PEN Robert W. Bingham Award for Debut Fiction. She currently teaches for the Fine Arts Work Center’s summer program, FAWC’s online writing program 24PearlSt, and the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing.
Congratulations to Jennifer. Thanks you everyone who submitted a manuscript. And a special thank you to the editorial staff at Bateau Press for stepping up during their fall vacation.


December 2016

2016 BOOM

the finalists for the chapbook prize

Tara Roeder : all the tiny babies of my dreams
Heikki Huotari : You Will See Neutrinos (withdrawn by author)
Devon Wootten : Gimme the Pretty: Sonnets
C. T. McGaha : gutterboy rides again
Laura Wetherington : Sofar Ami
Mikko Harvey & Jake Bauer : Idaho Falls
Jennifer Tseng : Not so dear Jenny
James D’Agostino : Weathermanic
Eleanor Paynter : Atlantic
Bryce Emley : Terminating Physics [a reference guide]
Seema Yasmin : Spit.Swallow.Survive
Seema Yasmin : How to survive America and other disasters
Ruth Williams : Nursewifery
amazing contest….amazing manuscripts….bateau am grateful….bateau am hungry.

October 2016

Bateau 6.1, Our Newest Lit Mag, Is Here!

To preview and purchase issue please click Bateau Lit Mag

October 1, 2016

Chapbook Contest is swinging AND Arielle Greenberg is AMAZING!!!

Boom Poetry Chapbook Contest is sailing along.   To submit your MS go to the submissions guidelines link above or click here.   Deadline for submissions: November 30th, 2016.
Bateau Lit Mag 6.1 (the first issue of Bateau published in conjunction with College of the Atlantic) is here!   There will be a launch party at the Jesup Library in Bar Harbor on October 16th at 4 pm.  The amazing Arielle Greenberg will be the featured reader.
Meanwhile, we finally have back issues of Bateau up and available for viewing (via ISSUU).  Stroll over to the Bateau Lit Mag zone and take a peek of work we have published in the past…  Notice them sexy letterpress covers designed by Shelter Bookworks.   So damn pretty!

August 15th, 2016
Submissions to Bateau Press’ 2016 BOOM Poetry Chapbook Contest will be accepted August 15 through November 30, 2016….THAT MEANS NOW!!!!!
To submit your manuscript please go to the Submission Guidelines link above or just click here.
For a peek at what our chapbooks look like, check them out here.
All of our chapbooks are things of beauty.  They are all hand stitched, letterpressed works of art.  The covers are designed and printed by Amy Borezo of Shelter Bookworks.  The interiors are offset printed using soy inks and recycled paper.  The books are then all hand sewn by our editors.  We print 300 chapbooks and distribute ourselves through websites, friends, and like minded small bookstores.
We will debut the winning chapbook at AWP 2017 in Washington, D. C.