bateau lit mag

submission guidelines

UPDATE 2022: Literary Magazine submissions will reopen or will not reopen.  We’re trying to figure things out. We lost most of our funding from COA and so we drift and wonder. We still make things: look at our chapbooks and the comic we published… But the lit mag is on hiatus… which can be a deadly word but it is what it is. 

THE NEXT LIT MAG WILL BE DEVOTED TO HUMAN ECOLOGY!!!  Um….what, exactly, is human ecology???  Taken from our mothership ((the COA website)): “Human ecology is the study of the relations between humans and their natural, cultural, built, and technological environments.”  In short, human ecology is poetry and prose….is fictional and nonfictional… comical, serial, and environmental…is completely mental…is creative…is a way of seeing the world & being in the world. Writing that is digital, environmental, musical, and alive. You, creative type reading this right now, you very well could be a human ecologist.  Sent us your stuff.  When submitting work in translation, please include the original text as well as indicating whether or not you have obtained translation rights (if applicable).  send us amazing things!

Bateau welcomes submissions in poetry, flash fiction, playlets, flash nonfiction, comics/graphic stories, and b/w illustration. Please submit only one time per submission period.
a brief bio is encouraged but not required.

Poetry: please send up to 5 pieces as a single attachment.
Fiction: please submit one fiction piece under 1,500 words.
Nonfiction: please submit one nonfiction piece under 1,500 words.
Flash Fiction: please submit up to 4 flash pieces.  we consider “flash fiction” to be 200 words to 700 words…give or take.
Art/Comics: if submitting comics or black and white illustrations, please remember our magazine is 5 x 7

Submissions can be sent to Bateau Literary Magazine using the Submissions Manager
When submitting work in translation, please include the original text as well as indicating whether or not you have obtained translation rights (if applicable).
Cover letters are not necessary but are encouraged. Tell us something about you.
No multiple genre submissions, (ie. only submit poetry, not flash fiction and poetry in one submission).

We only consider one submission per writer during a reading period.  Please don’t submit in multiple genres. Please submit your work as a single attachment. Please make sure it is either .doc or .docx or .pdf
We accept online and usps submissions. (Though we prefer online and only through the submissions manager system)
You DO NOT need to inform us of simultaneous submissions. If we accept your submission and it’s already taken by another publisher, oh well. That’s our fault for not reading fast enough. We’ll just hope you try us again.
Post submissions must be typed. Clear photocopies are fine.

To submit via the postal system, send to:
Bateau Press
c/o Dan Mahoney
College of the Atlantic
105 Eden Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609