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BATEAU HAS A HOME!!!!  After living out of boxes for the last 5 years, we have a place to put stuff, with shelves, and it might even be heated.  We’re calling it our Bateauome (Bateau + Home = Bateauome).  To celebrate, for one week only:  October 1st – October 8th @ 6 pm EST, entries to the BOOM Chapbook contest will be $9.  That is an incredible savings of massive proportions somewhere between 35-40% probably.  All entries will be considered for the contest and all will receive a copy of the winning chap (or any chap in our catalogue).  BATEAUOME, SWEET BATEAUOME!    Thanks for hanging with us.  Click here to go to our contest page.


Bateau 2017 KEEL Chapbook Winner is here!


((Order Grief Is the Only Thing that Flies by clicking HERE))


Bateau is happy to announce the winner of the 2017 KEEL Chapbook Contest:  Grief is the Only Thing that Flies by Laura Wetherington.

Final judge, Arielle Greenberg, loved all the manuscripts but she felt Grief “was the one that felt most urgent, most engaged in the current political moment, most in conversation with a larger community… I really loved it a lot.

Grief is the Only Thing that Flies will be published by Bateau Press in March of 2018.

Laura Wetherington’s first book, A Map Predetermined and Chance (Fence Books), was selected by C.S. Giscombe for the National Poetry Series. She’s a feature writer for the University of Arizona Poetry Center, a reviewer at Full Stop, and the poetry editor at Baobab Press. Laura co-edits with Hannah Ensor and teaches in Sierra Nevada College’s low-residency MFA program.




Thank you to everyone who submitted manuscripts.  We had over two hundred entries, a whole lot of good writing, and a crazy debate over who the finalists would be.  Thank you all for hanging out with us!

Here are the 2017 KEEL Chapbook Finalists:

Grief is the Only Thing that Flies   Laura Wetherington

Panic Dance   Tara Roeder

Coma of the Comet   Caroline Cabrera

 Sparrow Pie   Katie Quinnelly

The Parachutist   Joe Fletcher

Dreambreath   Kate Haake

Premium Brawn   Spencer Silverthorne

No Good for Digging   Dustin Hoffman

Paris By Night   Kevin Tosca




Bateau is overjoyed to get this monster off of our InDesign and into the world.  Really strong writing and visuals make it our favorite issue yet.  Dig In.




December 11, 2016

Bateau 2016 Boom Chapbook Winner is here!

photo credit: Maceo Senna

Not so dear Jenny by Jennifer Tseng

All of the manuscripts that came our way were read by at least three editors and Mahoney. The finalists were chosen by the entire editorial staff. Out of the thirteen finalists, we all agreed Jennifer’s manuscript was the one for us this year. It is strong, smart, and wise: the holy trinity of great poetry! Not so dear Jenny will be unveiled at AWP 2017.

More about Jennifer:

Jennifer Tseng is the author of two award-winning poetry books The Man With My Face and Red Flower, White Flower which features Chinese translations by Mengying Han and Aaron Crippen. Her debut novel, Mayumi and the Sea of Happiness was a finalist for the New England Book Award and the PEN Robert W. Bingham Award for Debut Fiction. She currently teaches for the Fine Arts Work Center’s summer program, FAWC’s online writing program 24PearlSt, and the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing.

Congratulations to Jennifer. Thanks you everyone who submitted a manuscript. And a special thank you to the editorial staff at Bateau Press for stepping up during their fall vacation.




December 2016

2016 BOOM

the finalists for the chapbook prize

Tara Roeder : all the tiny babies of my dreams

Heikki Huotari : You Will See Neutrinos (withdrawn by author)

Devon Wootten : Gimme the Pretty: Sonnets

C. T. McGaha : gutterboy rides again

Laura Wetherington : Sofar Ami

Mikko Harvey & Jake Bauer : Idaho Falls

Jennifer Tseng : Not so dear Jenny

James D’Agostino : Weathermanic

Eleanor Paynter : Atlantic

Bryce Emley : Terminating Physics [a reference guide]

Seema Yasmin : Spit.Swallow.Survive

Seema Yasmin : How to survive America and other disasters

Ruth Williams : Nursewifery


amazing contest….amazing manuscripts….bateau am grateful….bateau am hungry.



October 2016

Bateau 6.1, Our Newest Lit Mag, Is Here!


To preview and purchase issue please click Bateau Lit Mag



October 1, 2016

Chapbook Contest is swinging AND Arielle Greenberg is AMAZING!!!

Boom Poetry Chapbook Contest is sailing along.   To submit your MS go to the submissions guidelines link above or click here.   Deadline for submissions: November 30th, 2016.

Bateau Lit Mag 6.1 (the first issue of Bateau published in conjunction with College of the Atlantic) is here!   There will be a launch party at the Jesup Library in Bar Harbor on October 16th at 4 pm.  The amazing Arielle Greenberg will be the featured reader.

Meanwhile, we finally have back issues of Bateau up and available for viewing (via ISSUU).  Stroll over to the Bateau Lit Mag zone and take a peek of work we have published in the past…  Notice them sexy letterpress covers designed by Shelter Bookworks.   So damn pretty!



August 15th, 2016

Submissions to Bateau Press’ 2016 BOOM Poetry Chapbook Contest will be accepted August 15 through November 30, 2016….THAT MEANS NOW!!!!!

To submit your manuscript please go to the Submission Guidelines link above or just click here.

For a peek at what our chapbooks look like, check them out here.

All of our chapbooks are things of beauty.  They are all hand stitched, letterpressed works of art.  The covers are designed and printed by Amy Borezo of Shelter Bookworks.  The interiors are offset printed using soy inks and recycled paper.  The books are then all hand sewn by our editors.  We print 300 chapbooks and distribute ourselves through websites, friends, and like minded small bookstores.

We will debut the winning chapbook at AWP 2017 in Washington, D. C.