Bateau Lit Mag open for submissions as of Feb 1, 2017.  For complete guidelines scroll down past the Chapbook Contest until you hit the Lit Mag Zone.


BOOM Chapbook Contest

Narwhal by Alison Titus. Winner of the first ever BOOM Chapbook Contest.

above the cover of Instructions From The Narwhal by Alison Titus.  The first ever BOOM Chapbook winner.

Submissions to Bateau Press’BOOM Poetry Chapbook Contest


Open to all writers. Will open for 2017 contest in mid August of 2017.

Age and previous book publication are not considerations for eligibility.

Poems published in periodicals may be included in the manuscript.                

Please, no submissions from students or close friends of the editors. Also, no submissions from current or former COA students of the last five years.


$14 entry fee must come with EACH entry by deadline or entries will not be considered.

All entrants to the BOOM Poetry Chapbook Contest will receive a copy of the winning chapbook.

Manuscripts will NOT be returned.

Pay online! You can pay by credit card or check online. (You still need to send in your check via postal mail. But by paying online, we can keep track of your transaction and manuscript much more efficiently.


Manuscript format:

between 20 and 30 pages

must be typed (clear photocopies are fine)

(for mail submissions only) 2 title pages 1- title with contact info. 2- book title only

A biographical profile is not necessary.

****FOR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS: There is no need to submit 2 title pages. Simply submit the manuscript with an anonymous title page online. Your contact info is with your submission (though the readers are not able to access this information).


The winner will receive $250 and 25 copies of the winning chapbook.

The winning chapbook will be a high quality printing with letterpress cover from Shelter Bookworks in Orange MA.

For a peek at what our chapbooks look like, check them out here.



bateau lit mag

submission guidelines

Literary Magazine submissions will reopen February 1, 2017.  Submission period Feb 1 – May 1, 2017.

Bateau welcomes submissions in poetry, flash fiction, playlets, flash nonfiction, comics/graphic stories, and b/w illustration.

a brief bio is encouraged but not required.

Poetry: please send up to 5 pieces as a single attachment.

Fiction: please submit one fiction piece under 1,500 words.

Nonfiction: please submit one nonfiction piece under 1,500 words.

Flash Fiction: please submit up to 4 flash pieces.  we consider “flash fiction” to be 200 words to 700 words…give or take.

Art/Comics: if submitting comics or black and white illustrations, please remember our magazine is 5 x 7

Submissions can be sent to Bateau Literary Magazine using the Submissions Manager.  The manager will open for submissions February 1,  2017.

When submitting work in translation, please include the original text as well as indicating whether or not you have obtained translation rights (if applicable).

Cover letters are not necessary but are encouraged. Tell us something about you.

No multiple genre submissions, (ie. only submit poetry, not flash fiction and poetry in one submission).

We only consider one submission per writer during a reading period.  Please don’t submit in multiple genres. Please submit your work as a single attachment. Please make sure it is either .doc or .docx or .pdf

We accept online and usps submissions. (Though we prefer online and only through the submissions manager system)

You DO NOT need to inform us of simultaneous submissions. If we accept your submission and it’s already taken by another publisher, oh well. That’s our fault for not reading fast enough. We’ll just hope you try us again.

Post submissions must be typed. Clear photocopies are fine.

To submit via the postal system, send to:

Bateau Press
c/o Dan Mahoney
College of the Atlantic
105 Eden Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609